UI/UX Internship

Wonder Pod Sdn Bhd

Job Description


    Your responsibilities are:


    1. Explore Tech Service & Solution

    a.        Research and create information architecture for Tech department.

    b.        Conduct UIUX research based on given solution and document the master feature list.

    ·       Web & Mobile

    ·       CRM

    ·       E-Commerce

    ·       Logistic

    ·       Media

    ·       Content

    ·       Analytic

    c.        Documenting the master feature list of personas, story boards, customer journey maps and objectives.

    d.        Identifying the user features related to the product/solutions.

    e.        Experiencing in designing a people-first products and good interaction experiences.


    2. Documentations Preparations

    a.        Support prototyping deliverables job.

    •          Sitemap

    •          Wireframes

    b.        Involve in planning the application and preparing documentations.

    c.        Experiencing on how to build prototyping.

    d.        Create documentation guide to solution developer – UI design system style guide.

    e.        Learn the handover documentation and process to development team.


    3. Hands on UI UX Design

    a.        Responsible for project visual appearance.

    b.        Developing UI mock-ups illustrate how sites function and look like.

    c.        Producing samples sites.


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