Junior Media Development (Trainee)

Synergy XYZ
Application ends: December 31, 2023
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Job Description

1. Explore Traditional and Digital Media

a. Exploring traditional and digital media via research, analysis and engagement.

• Develop mediums, channels and media services.

• Learning the latest media trend and its ads functions.

• Understanding and preparing service scopes according to media channels target audience, costing and professional support from media owner.

b. Developing advertisement research criteria, conduce auditing and analysing job.

• Understand the target audience, demographic, buying / purchase behavior for different media channel.

• Involving in preparation work of pitching proposal such as perform media pre-audit report.


2. Advertisement Placement and Optimization

a. Identifying and determine the ads deliverable according to the latest market trends and target audiences behaviour.

• Choosing the right ads placement for traditional and digital media.

• Optimization of the ads for digital media.

• Developing the process flow for both traditional media and digital media.


3. Advertisement Reporting

a. Involving in report design according to requirement.

• Working closely with respective department HOD on develop and customize reporting format according to the report needs.

• Preparing report with providing finding, insight and recommendation for future improvement.


4. Explore Tools and AI Software

a. Exploring advertisement placement and optimization AI software

• Research AI software for placement ads and optimization ads for both traditional and digital media.

• Analyse AI software functionality and user interface user experience.

• Proposing the best AI software to the company.


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