Junior Influencer Management Trainee

Synergy XYZ
Application ends: December 31, 2023
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Job Description

1. Expand Database

a.        Expand the social medial content creator/KOL/Influencer database.

b.        Exposed to the full talent acquisition process such as sourcing and engagement with influencers.

c.        Engaging with different types or category of influencers.

o   KOL

o   Seeders and etc.

d.        Understand multiple industries in market and the unique of content creator.

e.        Identify and define the right content creator based on the brands marketing objective.

f.         Able to comprehend the types of content and their unique at different channel.

g.        Research on the latest social media trends and decipher the next viral content.


2. Database Management

a.        Generate, update, manage and analyze the talent data.

b.        Learn how to manage and organize the content creator data.

c.        Proposing the right content creator to the right project according to the client’s objectives.


3. Tasks Supporting

a.        Given chances to engage and liaise with internal and external stakeholders.

b.        Learn how to analyse and measure the performance/results through the reporting.

c.        Preparing report and analysis of influencer marketing / campaigns.


4. Explore Influencer Tools / Software

a.        Research and explore the influencer optimization and influencer channel manager software.

b.        Exploring latest tools/software that are influencer marketing related.

c.        Learn the features and functions of the tools/software and experience it with real case (existing client).

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