Digital Marketer Cum Copywriter

Plentisoft Sdn Bhd
Full Time

Job Description

Job Description:

  • Craft sales letters to help convert website visitors to clients.
  • Understand the company product’s brand voice and target audience.
  • Perform market research to better understand the target audience’s pain points.
  • Collaborate with internal teams to plan and create marketing materials like landing pages, sales letters, ad copy, emails, and video scripts.
  • Assist in planning and executing the company’s growth plan through digital marketing.
  • Participate in the editorial calendar with the editorial team (blog posts writing).
  • Assist in designing and implementing A/B testing.
  • Implement data tracking and perform data analysis
  • Draw insights from customers and analytics.
  • Assist in product development, problem solving, and project management.
  • Participate in activities to ensure smooth operations of company’s products
  • Optimize revenue funnel of company’s products


  • Excellent sales copywriting skills with proven track records.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Experience in optimizing landing pages and sales funnels
  • An appreciation for quality content and the ability to create it
  • Experience with SEO best practices
  • Proficiency in content management systems and analytics software like WordPress and Google Analytics.
  • At least 1 Year of working experience in the related field is preferred for this position.
  • Fresh graduates are also encouraged to apply.

Key Traits
Outside of just working on the job, we love to work with people who share the same belief as us. As part of the team, we are also looking for people who believe in the importance of:

  • Experimenting and learning – it is crucial for a marketer to experiment with new strategy, new technology, new technique to hone his/her skills.
  • Cross-functional exploration – to explore and learn from areas of work outside of your scope.
  • Self-development – working is not just about improving our copywriting or marketing skills, but also about growing ourselves as a person.
  • Teamwork – a performing team moves further than any individual.
  • Connecting the dots – the ability to connect the dots leads to the possibility of problem-solving.

What makes Plentisoft kinda cool:

  • The Team – (duh!), but we mean it. You will get to work with some of the smartest (not smartass, though) and most dedicated teammates. Learn from them, or better yet, teach us!
  • The Tool – We don’t skimp on the tools (both hardware and software). We get you what you need to get your job done. We enable you to focus on what matters, not waiting for the progress… bar…
  • The Tech – From the latest cloud services to some of the most innovative workplace suites, we take advantage of what the technologies can provide us, cause why not?
  • Data-Driven – We love data, so we make data-driven decisions. Things not performing well? Why bother with wild guesses when the data can speak for itself.
  • Merits-Driven – Not discounting other values like effort and cooperation (they matter a lot), but we believe results speak the loudest. If you deliver a stellar performance, expect to receive a stellar reward.
  • Worldwide Exposure – As a SaaS company, we serve everyone everywhere. Without getting bound by our physical presence, you get to interact with different people worldwide.

And some other perks that you may or may not worship for:

  • Free Parking – Say goodbye to the anxiety of parking by the roadside. Say goodbye to needing to spot for our Majlis friend.
  • Free Snacks & Coffee – Sure, they might not be your cup score 90 luxuries, but hey, a free snack is a free snack, and free coffee is free coffee, right?
  • Wear Casual – While it is undeniable that suits and ties look smart, they aren’t exactly the best wear for optimal code crunching and word smithing, isn’t it?
  • Rental & Housing Allowance – Not everyone has a place in Klang Valley. We know that. So, why not let us help you with that and cut down all the travel time?
  • Dental & Optical Allowance – When was the last time you scaled your teeth or got yourself a new pair of prescription lenses? We can help you with that.
  • Medical Claim & Insurance Package – As much as we love to, we can’t avoid falling sick at times. When that happens, have peace of mind knowing we have your back.
  • Child & Child Education Allowance – Do you believe in the value of upbringing our next generation? If you do too, great! Because we believe in the same thing as much as you do.

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