Regional Risk, Graduate Trainee

Hong Leong Bank
Management Trainee

Job Description

The program is designed to provide fresh/recent graduates with a holistic development in one of the most pivotal areas of our business. The GTs will be provided with the right exposure and given the opportunity to learn the importance of effective management of risk for international entities. Through this program, GTs will develop distinctive skills in providing assurance that the Bank’s risk practices meet industry best practices and regulatory requirements.


Regional Risk GTP will consist of coaching from the line manager and 3 rotations (4 months each) across the following departments:

HLB Singapore HLB Vietnam HLB Cambodia


Job Responsibilities

Review, analyse and monitor risk trends and positions of respective regional subsidiaries/branches, develop independent insights from the analytics performed and highlight to Management.
Prepare insightful and accurate risk reports to Management and Board Committees.
Evaluate the nuances and regulatory requirements of Monetary Authority of Singapore, State Bank of Vietnam and National Bank of Cambodia and tailor applications of policies and practices to HLBS, HLBVN and HLBCAM respectively.
In-depth understanding on principles of various risk disciplines including credit risk, market risk, operational risk, IT risk, etc. and be able to apply such concepts in practice.
Basic understanding on risks that may arise from evolving conditions in the Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia economy and markets.

Fresh graduates with a CGPA of 3.2 and above, or its equivalent;
Malaysian citizen
Candidates with no more than 1 year working experience
Other factors for consideration during interview process include examples of
Driving for results
Consistency in performance
Seeking win-win relationships
Demonstrating courage and humility
Taking ownership and make things happen
Leadership demonstrated through extra-curricular activities

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