Environment Technician

Remote Full Time

Job Description

  1. To operate, control, monitor and ensure WWTP/Scrubber/RODI running in smooth and good operational without failure.
  2. To comply with government bodies regulation and standard application such as DOE (Department of Environment) and DOSH (Department of Safety and Health).
  3. To ensure the plant in well maintain and cleanliness.
  4. To operate, control and monitor WWTP/Scrubber/RODI plant system running smoothly and good manner.
  5. To do chemical preparation, raw water lab analysis and sludge transfer / disposal.
  6. To make daily reporting in logbook & log sheet .(Plant operational, breakdown, consumptive usage)
  7. Involving in trouble shooting, countermeasure, breakdown and system improvement.
  8. Housekeeping in WWTP/Scrubber/RODI plant to ensure plant cleanliness.
  9. Working with safety environment and safety precaution to avoid incident.
  10. To do preventive maintenance for all machinery and equipment.
  11. To activate and active in energy saving activity.
  12. To control, monitor and observe WWTP/Scrubber/RODI operational meet DOE standard and regulation.
  13. Responsible for doing daily basic jobs and operation of the chemical department.
  14. Operate following standard procedure.
  15. Carry out shut down work as specified by supervisor

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