Signify sales of EUR , have been in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index since our IPO for four consecutive years and were named Industry Leader in and 2019.

About Company

Our global brand in professional and consumer lighting
The Philips brand stands for quality and energy-efficiency in light. For over 125 years, Philips products have been at the forefront of innovation. Today Philips is recognized as the leading brand in lighting. Our Philips portfolio includes many innovative sub-brands like Philips Hue for smart homes.

Our Internet of Things platform and connected lighting systems
Interact is our secure, scalable IoT platform that collects and shares data back and forth between connected light points, sensors and devices embedded in Interact connected lighting systems. Interact enables you to benefit from edge technologies, big data processing and analytics, and machine learning.

Our global brand for personal smart home lighting
Philips Hue is the easiest, most inspiring and most comprehensive smart home lighting system. We create light that makes life easier, safer and more comfortable. Light that makes you feel better. Light that sweetens the ambience and intensifies the experience. We make home lighting more enjoyable, personal and inspiring.

Our global brand in dynamic architectural lighting systems
We set creative minds free to explore the unique power of light. Our advanced lighting solutions inspire memorable experiences, create beauty, attract crowds, build brands, and get results. Through our innovations, we’re unlocking the extraordinary potential of light to inspire brighter lives and create a better world.

Our global brand for accessible connected lighting
WiZ connects people with lighting innovations for their daily moments. We create plug and play lights, combined with a user friendly and features rich app, on your existing Wi-Fi network. Whether you are looking to create a welcoming environment or have your lights adapt to your lifestyle, WiZ helps you to do so simply and effortlessly.

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