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As the number one SME platform in Malaysia, people are the core of what we strive for, so we are committed to enhancing each of our member’s skills and self-development. From our Event Coordinators making sure that lessons go smoothly, to our Designers presenting engaging visuals, everyone executes a foundational role in this company. We are deeply committed to make our services reach the highest standards of quality, embracing our values while overcoming new endeavors. 

About Company

Founded by our honourable Dato’ Dr. Calvin Khiu, OE Academy has been a company dedicated to serving its customers. As an education group, we aid our entrepreneur customers to find a practical, easy-to-learn, realistic plan that is unique to each of them. Our end-goals are to cultivate a generation of modern entrepreneurs, assisting their SMEs in their transformation processes. With our highly experienced coaches, we are a group that serves to tutor and train intellectual entrepreneurs, paving a pathway of success for them.