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I'm targeting to expand my Wealth Protection Business to make sure a bigger community are being protected and leveraged their wealth at the same time. Thus, I'm looking for 10 business partners who are
  1. good customer centric personality
  2. willing to take risk and learn
  3. has strong entrepreneur mindset & team player

About Company

We Dream. and we Achieve. Therefore we are from DNA Malaysia.

Do you dream and desire to achieve a mission impossible to have a life awarding journey? Our team are mostly from young ;s generation with a great entrepreneur mindset with dynamic leadership. We focus very much on your ideal career whereby is all rounded and holistic. You will be surprise to earn exponential income, healthy working environment, developed job satisfaction, designed working experience to be promoted to be an unit manager within 2 years and have freedom.

We offer up to RM 9K allowance, 42 months of Financial Scheme, 2 Million start up capital in cash, 333 system training, Team building allowance up to RM 5K + 17% team member payout, high net worth (HNW) training, social media classes, leadership management courses.

Meet us, the Gen Y, Z & millennial professional financial management team.
We want you to be onboard with us to fight for the better future!