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Bizacademia is a train and place platform that helps graduates connect with employers especially in the Digital upskilling, IT & ERP environment.

About Company

BizAcademia is a digital learning and workforce management platform that offers complementary benefits to both graduates, working professionals and companies seeking skilled talents.

Today as we are moving into the digital era, there is very little work that is not touched by digital technology, so what do talents need to learn and how do we identify future skills and talent needs? How do organisations recognise and utilise existing talents and identify key skills gaps needed to address their digital transformation goals.

Our mission is to bridge this gap for talents and organisations by enabling everyone to be digital literate and empowering both individual and businesses to achieve more in accelerating digital transformation.

We offer curated training and talent mapping through our corporate solutions programs for organizations requirements.

For individuals or working professionals, we offer workforce certification programs to equip them with digital proficiencies for employability and productivity.